Falling Behind

Worked all weekend doing acrylic mounts for Patricia Murray, Susie Edens Barrett and a few other private pieces. Patricia met me Sunday morning at the studio and viewed the rough pieces I had mounted Saturday. I finished all the mountings late Sunday afternoon and headed home.

When I got home I had to do a minor repair on my chicken coop and while bending down I completely blew out my back and collapsed right in the chicken poop in the coop. Getting old SUCKS! Of course there was no one home and I had to crawl through the poop and hobble down the hill to the house by myself.

I am just getting functional again today. As much as I hate it I will take a few pain killers today so that I can finish Patricia's pieces. She is doing a big show in the Hampton's this weekend and must have these pictures. Hopefully I will finish and maybe by tomorrow I will be able to sit for a few hours and cut puzzles.

Did I mention that getting old SUCKS!

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