Finally success!

It’s been almost a year of countless failures but I finally did it.  A wood puzzle with an acrylic face mount laminate. For all those naysayers that suggested that my acrylic puzzles were not really a “traditional puzzle” because it wasn’t wood……well here ya go.

Making a puzzle board with multiple substrates proved more difficult than I thought. Finding the right combination of wood & acrylic was the final hurdle. This is because wood and acrylic cut at different speeds.

But the biggest hurdle was finding the right laminate for the photo to wood combination. In the end it was an accidental discovery of treating the wood prior to mounting that did the trick.

This is my 1st completed wood/acrylic puzzle. The wood is 1/4” with a 1/16” clear cast acrylic face mount. It is 8 x 10 and finished with 211 pieces. For sure 1/4'” wood is too thick to work with an acrylic face. The cutting was slow going and finding the proper blade speed took a bit. I started the puzzle in the upper left corner and I was not happy with the 1st dozen or so pieces. This was due to finding the proper blade speed and getting used to the hard cut. But once I figured it out I had no problems.

I ordered some 5/32” three ply plywood and it came in Friday. I did a mount over the weekend and it came out perfect. I will cut it this week. The 5/32” wood & acrylic should be perfect.


 Seagull Landing

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