Lots Happening

So on the 16th I did a presentation for Gallery North. I am thrilled to say they loved my stuff and plan on showing my puzzles and pictures in their gallery. I have to prepare 3 or 4 puzzles for their main gallery.

Finished 2 acrylic photo mounts for Patricia Murray. She will be displaying them in a show this coming Sunday. I will try to post pictures soon. She is an incredible photographer.

Started 3 puzzles simultaneously. "Twins", "Chippy the Thief", "Orchid Spider" are all mounted and ready to cut. Chippy the thief will be an oval and is now cut to the proper shape. I am also in the middle of cutting a Camel Cigarette add taken out of a Life magazine from 1948. This should be about 250 pieces when done.

Busy, Busy Busy...............


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