Nostalgic Puzzles

Starting a line of "Nostalgic Puzzles"

These are original pages from the December 13, 1948 Life magazine. They are not copies of the pages. Over the summer I had the chance to purchase about 2 dozen mint or nearly mint condition Life magazines for about 5 bucks each. When I saw them I decided I was going to attempt to laminate the cover pages and make some puzzles. But as I went through the pages and saw some of the old ads I thought they would make great nostalgic puzzles if I was able to laminate them.
I cut these 2 puzzles this past September and showed them for the first time at the LI Scroll Saw Association meeting a few weeks ago. These are my first two in hopefully a line of "Nostalgic Puzzles"

The first picture is the actual cover from this issue with the picture of Dwight Eisenhower. I cut it in a long arm style and it has 290 pieces. These are fairly large puzzles. The old Life magazines were about 10.5" x 14". I loose about 1/4" during the mounting & final trimming of the boards so the finished puzzles are a bit smaller.

The other pictures are of the Camel Cigarette ad. It is amazing what they got away with 66 years ago as far as advertizing. Whats more amazing is that after killing millions of people there are people still smoking!

Anyway, the Camel puzzle is 428 pieces. I did some color line cutting as well as some tricky edges.




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