Portrait of an Owl – Final pics

So here it is. Puzzle # 57-101. Puzzle measures 16” x 14.25”, contains 909 pieces with 40 figural pieces which includes my signature piece. Total cut time for this puzzle was about 24 working hours. At the suggestion of my daughter I added several additional figurals within the owl. They are all woodland creatures. 1 Bear, 1 owl, 1 squirrel, 1 fox, a brood of 5 bunnies and a gnome. Ok….. so the gnome is a stretch as a woodland creature but I wanted him for a reason. I tried to place him with his lantern in a light area of the owl with my signature piece directly under the lantern. I hoped to give the appearance that he is shedding light on the signature piece. It sorta worked. I would have liked if I got his placement another 1/16th of an inch to the right.

There are 29 “falling leaves” All the leaves are basically the same with the exception of the stems. I made sure that the stems were all different so that each leaf will only fit in one place. The difficulty is that lets say each leaf has 3 or 4 surrounding pieces. A single part of a leaf might fit perfectly with 10 or more adjacent pieces but will only fit correctly with one adjacent stem piece. So, you might place a leaf as you’re doing the puzzle and it will appear to fit perfectly with an adjacent piece but you will not be able to get the adjacent stem piece to fit with the other surrounding pieces because you have the wrong leaf. Does that make sense?????

There is one false corner on the lower left side and there is enough color line cutting just to be annoying.


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