Portrait of an Owl

I took this picture on 6/19/13 and this is the second puzzle I have made from it. I did a smaller version for the Great South Bay Audubon Society last May. It would appear someone saw that puzzle and requested I create another.

That 1st puzzle back in May was 360 pieces. This one will be significantly more. I am looking for around 825 – 850 pieces for this puzzle. As of right now it will probably have about 30 figural pieces as well.

I mounted the picture, scalloped the edges and quartered the board to make it easier to work with. The customer requested a difficult puzzle with many figurals so I have started with falling leaves in the field section of the picture. It is a simple figural but adds a certain degree of difficulty as all the leaves are very similar in shape and size. But my plan is to make each leaf just slightly different so each leaf will only fit in one place.


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