"Reflections" Finished cut

Sorry for the delays but here is the final cut pictures for “Reflections”

Before I started cutting I was deciding on figurals and I decided to do birds in the real sky and sea creatures in the water. But then, my daughter gave me what I thought was a brilliant idea. She said “dad, since the picture is a reflection, then what ever figures you put in the top part, you should do the same figures in the reflection on the bottom, just opposite.” Reflections of the figurals! Wow! Brilliant! So that’s what I did as best I could. Hopefully she will never read this post because after all was done, I am not sure if I like it. Since the reflection is smaller than the real picture due to reflective distortion, matching placement was difficult.

The puzzle is 10” x 15” with 622 pieces and took about 14 hours of work time from start to finish. The puzzle is cut 100% freehand with no patterns. There are 14 figurals and my signature piece. I did some interior color line cutting and made the scalloped edges very difficult to do with many interior pieces that look like edge pieces & vice-versa. And with the exception of the figural pieces I would say I achieved a 98% on the rest of the pieces being the same consistency in size & thickness. I printed the photo on metallic paper, reverse mounted it on clear acrylic with a translucent backing. On the difficulty scale of 1 -10 this is probably an 8. The next one I cut will be harder because the sky and the reflection are almost identical in color. I am going to shoot for 750 pieces on the next one.

FYI - The dime & the pushpin are for size context.

I will be putting this up for sale on the site sometime soon so stop by and take a look.

As always your comments and critique is welcome. And please share this if you like what you see.



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