Susie Barrett Puzzle

I have cut a lot of puzzles over the years but this is now one of my favorites! The picture is a print taken from the original painting called “Return to Paradise” by the fabulous artist Susie Barrett.
The puzzle measures about 6.5” x 10”. It is cut from one of my unique acrylic face mounts with 218 pieces, 8 figural pieces and my AP signature piece.
So I was supposed to cut a sample puzzle of Susie’s painting and send it to her. A sample puzzle is only about 3” x 5” with 20 or so large pieces and no figurals. But before I mounted the picture I kept looking at it and just could not bring myself to cut this as a sample and ended up doubling the size and cutting a full blown puzzle. It took me about 6 cutting hours to complete (as opposed to a sample puzzle which would take me about 30 minutes).
The subject matter and colors of this incredible painting coupled with the hand cut puzzle and the themed figural pieces makes everything about this combined artwork truly awesome. In my opinion though, in this case, the picture makes the puzzle. Unfortunately, (for me) I must keep my word and now send it to Susie.

I will be doing more puzzles in the future from her art. I think I will do this one again in the 750 piece class. Puzzles from Susie's art will be strictly limited editions so best to grab them when the come available.


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