Working all weekend

Good news - I am happy to say Patricia Murray had a very successful show last weekend and sold both acrylic mounts I made for her and I now need to make her some more.

Bad news - Now I have to make her some more and I will be working all weekend ;-(

Working with a new upcoming artist Susie Edens Barrett. She paints incredible abstracts and has agreed to let me do a puzzle from one of her pieces. You can see some of her work at https://www.etsy.com/shop/susiebarrettART

You will definitely be hearing more from me about Susie and her paintings.

I had planed on cutting puzzles all weekend but it looks like I'll only get maybe one day of cut time in. I'm 2 weeks behind on puzzles. I did complete 2 puzzles during the week and I will try to post them here over the weekend.

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